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    • 分分彩是不是官方的

      International school offers a variety of foreign language courses to meet your needs in a convenient location in midtown Manhattan.

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    Who is it for?

    • For kids

      Gaming activities for children from 3 years old

    • For school children

      Productive programs to study language

    • For graduates

      Assistance in exam preparation

    • For adults

      Group courses, private courses

    About our school

    Discover the best language school in the country!
    Our team of professional teachers uses a variety of interesting techniques in the classroom.

    They help to improve students' learning strategies and encourage them to become more independent learners. We offer a great opportunity to study in a caring community atmosphere.


    Little stories about the great success of our students

    I would just like to say thank you for your professional language courses and expert staff. I will recommend your great school to all my friends.

    Jessica PristonStudent from United States

    Academic Extras

    We offer free academic extras to all students. During these activities, you will be able to enhance your English skills by interacting with teachers and students in both one on one and group settings in the most useful way possible.

    Lecture Series

    Practise listening and note-taking skills in a real-life setting with a teacher or another native English speaker.

    Pronunciation Practice

    Choose from ‘general’ pronunciation practices for all students and practices targeted at specific accents.

    Conversation Class

    Join a group conversation with a teacher or native English speaker to discuss an issue of interest.

    Breaking News

    Join a conversation group with a teacher and speak about current events.

    Contact us

    Send us a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.

    • 8901 Marmora Road, Glasgow, D04 89GR.